Van Der Kaap Homes is a Real Estate Investment company with an artistic edge

Christine Van Der Kaap has been working as a professional artist in Austin Texas for 10 years and believes in keeping the charm in old homes with modern comforts. Homes that are designed by an artist to keep Texas weird.


Real Estate investment

Van Der Kaap Homes has a history of successful flips around the state of Texas and is consistently acquiring new, exciting projects. Our team is trained to spot the best deals and bring back the charm to a home in any condition.

Design and implementation

Christine Van Der Kaap has designed and implemented all our projects and would love to work with you on making your next home special. Christine has a strong art and design background with training from Australia to France which makes her designs unique and creative. Van Der Kaap Homes works with only the best builders in Texas and will manage the project from start to finish.